Champions League – Benzema 2 ball Jiro dilapidated Real Madrid 2-2 Bayern in final

In the 2017/18 UEFA Champions League semi-final second round, a focus game competed at the Bernabeu Stadium. Real Madrid beat Bayern Munich 2-2 in the home goal. Khimki took a 3 minute lightning goal and Benzema scored a second-place win over Jerón Rodriguez. Equalize. Real Madrid’s total score 4 to 3 eliminated Bayern in the finals.

Real Madrid won 2 to 1 in the first leg. Real Madrid had 32 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses against the German team at home in the previous 32 European games, including 12 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses against Bayern in 12 of them. Bayern’s last win was Real Madrid in 2001. This is Real Madrid’s 29th semi-final, La Liga giants looking forward to the 16th time reached the Champions League final. This is Bayern’s 19th semi-final. The Bundesliga is looking forward to the 11th finals. In comparison with the first round, Benzema, Assencio and Kovacic took turns. In Bayern, Tolitso, Tiago, Alaba and Poly are in rotation.
Bayern made the lead only 3 minutes after the opening and Muller made a pass from the right. Ramos failed to make a clearance and the ball rallied at the foot of Toliso. The unguarded Khimich pushed the edge of the restricted area into the net. After 3 minutes, Kroos tactical free kick forward, Benzema low pass on the right side of the restricted area, Ronaldo C Ronaldo shot missed the edge of the restricted area. Real Madrid equalized in the 11th minute, Marcelo broke through the left pass, Alaba far point defense defensive, Benzema small right into the near corner, 1-1. Real Madrid scored 42 consecutive Champions League goals.
There was a dispute in the 17th minute, Toriso forward pass, Lewandowski’s inner edge of the restricted area Ramos fell, the referee refused a penalty. Bayern, with a total behind score, continued to pressure and Real Madrid compressed the defense. In the right pass from Khimki, Lewandowski scored a goal from the front and was rescued by Navas. Mueller once again nodded in the corner kick and was blocked by Real Madrid. Franck Ribery passes the ball, and Muller’s shot is saved by Navas’ side.
Bayern missed the opportunity in the 33rd minute, Humerls forward pass, Lewandowski, left foot 10 yards left volley shot by Navas stubbornly blocked out, Mueller small right-side shot blocked J Luo followed up and hit the crossbar to shoot. Benzema passed the ball, Ronaldo was saved by Ulrich in the lower right corner of the restricted area on the right. Asencio took a corner and Ramos missed. At the end of halftime, Marcelo’s right-hand side blocked the middle of the penalty zone and the referee ignored the referee. Hummels missed the header from the corner.
Real Madrid’s second-half opening 22 seconds to go over the score, Tolisol returned, Urreich hit a clearance error fell, Benzema scored an open door, 2-1. Mueller passed the ball, and Arba left the restricted area in front of the restricted area and was saved by Navas. Hummels missed the header with a header from the corner. Modric made a diagonal pass and Benzema missed the ball from the edge of the restricted area. In the 54th minute, Marcelo made a diagonal pass and Cristiano Ronaldo shot a small shot on the edge of the penalty area. J Ron passed the ball and Humirs saved a shot from the right side of the penalty zone by Navas.
Bayern equalized the score in the 63rd minute and conceded a right-sided pass from the center. Jarrow Rodriguez shot 12 yards from the goal and was deflected by Varani afterwards. J Luo chased down to the right edge of the restricted area and hit the net in the near corner, 2-2. He refused to celebrate after scoring. Bell and Casamiro came off the bench. In the 74th minute, Kimihi received a pass to stop the ball and Toriso shot a volley at the edge of the restricted area by Navas. Ribery passed the ball, J Luo shot deflected and blocked, and Navas rescued. Modric passed the ball and Ronaldo’s breakthrough shot was blocked by Poly.
In the left-sided pass of Alaba, Muller’s header was again saved by Navas. J Luo was replaced by Harvey Martinez. Bayern slammed Real Madrid at the last moment, Nacho replaced Assencio to ease the defensive pressure. Tiago took a corner and Hummels missed a header from close range. In the end, Real Madrid defeated Bayern by 4 to 3 and reached the Champions League final in 16th. Liverpool and Rome will decide on another finals tomorrow.