FA Cup – Chelsea 2-0 Finals with Manchester United Gilurolat Score

Chelsea qualify for the FA Cup final: With the goals of Giroux and Morata, Chelsea eliminated Southampton 2-0, and Conti’s team also broke into the FA Cup final for the second consecutive season. The Blues will compete with Manchester United for the FA Cup of the season. This is a repeat of the 2007 FA Cup final.
“Amo connection” reappearance: Chelsea’s offensive weapon of the season is the connection between Aspiriz Quetta and Morata. Today they also recreated the “Amor connection”, Aspirikie. Towers assists Moratori on the bench to seal the victory.
MVP: Following the second leg of last weekend’s league against Southampton, Giroux has scored a crucial goal for the Saints today. It is thanks to his goal that Chelsea have established a victory and succeeded in qualifying for the Football League. Cup finals.
Although it was the FA Cup semi-final, Chelsea won very easily today. The total game has a total of 17 shots by the Blues, which is 8 more times than Southampton, and 5 times more than the other. In addition, Chelsea’s possession rate is 56%, and 6 corner kicks are one more than the other. In the number of passes, Chelsea’s 531 passes were 126 times more than their opponents.

Play lineup:


Goalkeeper: No. 1 Caballero

Defender: No. 28 Aspiriz Quetta, No. 24 Cahill, No. 2 Rudig

Midfield: Fabregas No. 4 (76′ Pedro), No. 7 Canter, No. 15 Moses, No. 33 Emerson

Forward: No. 10 Adjara, No. 22 William (64′ Bakayoko), No. 18 Jiru (80′ Morata)


Goalkeeper: McCarthy No. 13

Guard: 35 Bednaray (78′ Gabiadini), No. 3 Yoshida Yoshiya, No. 6 Hutt

Midfielder: No. 14 Romeu, No. 23 Huybier (63’Tadic), No. 18 Leminer, No. 21 Bertrand, No. 2 Cedric

Forward: Austin 10, 7 Shane Long (63 Redmond)