Liverpool’s signing is the best in the Premier League

In fact, Liverpool did not show strength in the Champions League from the very beginning. Liverpool are in a group with Sevilla, Moscow Sparta, and Maribor in this season’s Champions League team. Compared to Tottenham, Chelsea and other Premier League teams, Liverpool’s signing operation is very good, but Liverpool The road to promotion was still awkward: two games before the group match tied with Sevilla and Moscow Sparta. When the 5th round went to Sevilla, 3 goals led and the opponent took 3 goals and only gained one. In the end, the game was stabilized by relying on 10 goals in two round matches against Maribor before stabilizing the situation. In the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League, Liverpool’s signings have become one of the best in the English Premier League. The first round of a five-goal victory over Porto also allowed Liverpool to calmly respond in the second round. In the quarter-finals, Liverpool faced a familiar opponent, Manchester City, and his tactical restraint and Manchester City coach Guardiola’s bizarre evolution allowed Liverpool to take the lead in the first round. It can be said that despite Manchester City’s strength, Strong, but compared to Real Madrid, Bayern, Juventus, Barcelona, ​​Sevilla, Rome 6 Premier League eight strong teams, Manchester City is considered Liverpool’s most familiar, but also the style of restraint opponents. In the semi-finals, Liverpool also obtained the weakest Rome from Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Rome, and was awarded the upper hand. It also became an important prerequisite for achieving a big score lead of 5-2 in the first round. In view of this, the struggles of the group stage and the elimination of Liverpool in the elimination rounds in the Champions League seem to be less convincing.