Pogba may take the Golden Globe Award in Manchester United’s rejuvenation!

Manchester United’s 89 million pounds Mr. Pogba may have dreamed of sitting in the front row of FIFA Zurich headquarters numerous times, waiting to receive his Golden Globe Award in the warm applause of his colleagues.
In his first interview with Manchester United in August 2016, Pogba mentioned the Golden Globe. In the past, he was only a spectator at the award ceremony, wearing an exaggerated golden-striped suit, the same hairstyle and huge sunglasses. “I hope to win the league championship at Manchester United for the first time because I did not win the championship before leaving. Of course there is the Champions League. Also, personally, my dream is to get the Golden Globe.” Take over Manchester United’s No. 6 jersey. Pogba said.

Of course, this will not be easy. In 2016, Pogba only scored 4 points in the voting. The total score of winner Ronaldo Ronaldo was 745, and Pogba did not have a fraction of former Manchester United No. 7.

Usually, the Golden Globe is a feast for forwards. The last non-sportsman who won the prize was Cannavaro in 2006. After that, the only offensive midfielder who broke the monopoly between Ronaldo and Messi was Kaka.

Last year, the Pogba-Lan Golden Globe Awards did not enter the big list. Manchester United’s only finalist was goalkeeper Degea. In 2018, Pogba had to improve his performance in the World Cup when he wanted to be a finalist. He had the opportunity to enter the shortlist after Manchester United remained stable. As for the election, it was almost impossible.
But Lampard, who was second in the Golden Globes lost to Ronaldinho in 2005, can be a template for Pogba. The Blue Lights played at the best level under Mourinho’s men. His killer was plugged in at the right moment to complete a fatal blow, just as Pogba did when he reversed Manchester City 3-2.
Remember Manchester United’s 2-0 win over Bournemouth’s Premier League game, when Lukaku disclosed that Mourinho’s account of Pogba during the intermission? “Continue to continue to move forward!” The results of the French lower back assisted Lukakou’s goal to seal the victory.

To win the Golden Globe, Pogba must wait for Ronaldo and Messi to retire or grow old. “Can Paul score as many goals as Ronaldo and Messi?” Mike Mussina said when signing him. “I believe even 25% of them can’t be reached! I don’t think he can score 20 times in a season.” The ball, so goalkeepers, defenders and midfielders usually do not get the Golden Globe. But that is not the key. He is one of the best midfielders and I can say it is the best in the world.”

So far, Pogba has scored only 14 goals in total, and his relationship with Mourinho seems to be getting worse as he lost to a 0-2 away match against Tottenham in January. According to rumours, Minor Ríoola even promoted Pogba to Manchester City, where Manchester City coach Guardiola, an enemy whom he had mocked as a widower and a dog, had. For this rumor, Pogba gave a perfect answer: Derby battled twice to reverse the director and was elected best in the game.

In fact, Pogba’s chance to win the Golden Globe at Manchester United is the largest. If he goes to Real Madrid or Paris Saint-Germain, he can only become one of the stars. If he is in Paris, he can only play non-top leagues. In contrast, Manchester United can give him the most ideal stage for entering the Golden Globes candidate list: he is the top card, the number one star, and the degree of attention that Manchester United can bring is unique in the world.

Next season, Pogba may also get a Manchester United midfield master’s advice – Carrick will hang boots this summer, to join coach Mike Mussina’s coach, the British “Manchester Evening News” believes that this is Manchester United’s “most important One of the signings.