Premier League – Bogba scored Mh Talyan Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal

The 36th round of the 2017/18 Premier League Premier League competition began at the Old Trafford stadium. Manchester United beat Arsenal 2-1 at home, Pogba made the heads-up, Mkhitaly equalized, and Felleni made a stoppage. Arsenal suffered a six-game losing streak away from the league and eventually missed the top four.

Since the 2011 home win of 8 wins and 2 wins Arsenal, Manchester United’s 13 league matches against Arsenal have only lost 2 games. Manchester United’s nearly 10 league matches against Arsenal have made 7 wins and 3 draws. Arsenal’s last league win over Manchester United was 2006. The two sides have a 51-game history in the Premier League. Manchester United’s 23 wins, 15 draws and 13 losses have the upper hand, with 15 wins, 7 draws and 3 losses at home. This is the 227th match between the two sides, after Manchester United 95 wins, 50 draws and 81 losses have the upper hand. Manchester United only played with Linderhof. Arsenal’s rotation of seven people, Mkhitaryan and Obamayan returned to the starting lineup.
Mourinho and Wenger shook hands before the match and Ferguson also presented a souvenir gift to Wenger. Manchester United took the lead in the 16th minute, and Pogba passed the ball. Luckacu made the right pass from the restricted area. Sanchez left the header from the restricted area and was blocked by Bellerin and hit the left post to rebound. Unguarded. Bogba shot the net into the air from a close range.
Arsenal started a counterattack. Niles passed the ball, and the former Manchester United midfielder Mkhitalyan slanted to the right of the restricted area and the ball rubbed off the column. In Bellaire’s pass, Obaghyan made a header from 10 yards to enter De Gea. Ashley – Yang Zuozhong pass hit the near corner column rebound. O’Bameyan made a pass and Nelson scored a header from 12 yards.
The second half. Lashford replaced injured Luccacu. Arsenal equalized in the 51st minute and Zach passed the ball, and Mkhitaliang shot low-left in the left-hand corner of the restricted area to get into the net, 1-1. Ashley Young raises a corner, Rashford misses the header. In Sanchez’s pass, Pogba’s header was also blocked. Nelson’s pass, Mkhitaryan missed the left side of the restricted area.
Welbeck and Monreal came off the bench. Marchel and Fellaini also came off the bench. Verbeck’s shot in front of the restricted area after the counter-attack was confiscated. Sanchez passed the ball and Fellaini hit a long shot. Martial corner kick in the melee, Valencia volley from the right side of the restricted area. In the 89th minute, Martial made a cross from the left, and Fellerini hit the right-hand column to hit the back door. Rashford broke the ball in close range and was found to be invalid due to an offside first.
Manchester United’s 91st minute lore, Ashley Young left the pass, Fellaini hit the net in front of the penalty zone and hit the net, 2-1.