Premier League – Silvatindin Jesús goal Manchester City 5-0 home victory

The 35th round of the 2017/18 Premier League Premier League battle at Etihad Stadium, Manchester City beat Swansea 5-0 at home, Silva, Sterling, Debrau, Benaldo and Jesús scored a goal, and Mendi came back to play on the bench.

Manchester City won 5 rounds ahead of schedule this season. Manchester City won 12 wins and 10 wins against Swansea in the past 12 times. Nearly 11 home games against Swansea won. Swansea’s last win over Manchester City was in the 1951 Second Division. The history of the two sides clash 34 games, Manchester City, 23 wins, 4 draws and 7 losses have the upper hand. Benaldo, Gyandogan and Danilo played in rotation.
Manchester City took the lead in the 12th minute, De Bruyne crosses the left side, knocks on the left side of Sterling’s restricted area, and Silva enters the net on the left edge of the restricted area. Manchester City expanded the score in the 16th minute. Delf played against the wall with Silva and passed the left side of the penalty zone. Sterling pushed the ball into the net at a close distance, 2-0. Manchester City completely controlled the game. Benaldo’s shot on the right side of the penalty area was confiscated by Fabianski.
Danilo’s pass, De Bruyne’s shot at 25 yards was barely saved by Fabianski, and Sterling tried to make a shot but was offside. Debrauone forward pass, the right side of the shot from the right side of Reuters was saved by Fabianski. Before the end of the halftime, the shots of Mawson and Gondoan in front of the penalty zone were all confiscated by the goalkeeper.
Manchester City sealed the victory in the 54th minute, Danilo passing, De Bruyne burst into the net 25 yards from the far corner, 3-0. Swansea nearly broke the goal in the 56th minute and sent a corner kick from the honesty. Mawson scored a slightly higher header from close range. In the 64th minute, Sterling broke into the restricted area to the left by Federico, who toppled, and Jesús scored a low shot in the lower left corner by Fabianski. Bernaldo added a small shot to the right of the penalty area. 4 -0.
De Brounet was replaced by Toure. Swansea’s line of defense took a corner to hit the home’s own post. Sterling was replaced by Forden. The injured Mendy replaced Delf, and Manchester City fans gave applause. In the 83rd minute, Foden broke into the left pass of the penalty area. Header of the small area of ​​Jesússe was confiscated by Fabianski. In the 88th minute, Touré challenged and scored a goal from the edge of a successful offside goal against Jesús, 5-0.
Manchester City (4-3-3): 31-Edson; 3-Daniello, 4-Kompany, 14-Lapport, 18-Delf (75′, 22-Mendi); 17- De Bruyne (65′, 42-Toure), 8-Jean Doan, 21-Silva; 20-Bernardo, 33-Thesis, 7-Sterling (71′, 47- Foden

Swansea (3-5-2): 1 – Fabianski; 5 – Vanderhorne, 33 – Federico (67′, 27 – Bartley), 6 – Mawson; 26 – Norton, 4-Secretary (65′, 17-Clukas), 24-Andy-Gold, 14-Carroll, 16-Olson (75′, 10-Abraham); 19-An Drey-Ayu, 18-Jordan-Ayu