Salah Golden Globe odds surpass Messi only C Ronaldo

April 25 In the early morning Champions League game, Liverpool striker Salah has helped his team achieve a hearty victory. After the game, major bookmakers adjusted the odds of the Golden Globes. Salah moved beyond Messi to second place.
Salah has been very good since joining the season this season. He has already won nearly ten individual awards, which also made him attack this year’s Golden Globe. Early this morning, in the Champions League semi-finals against Roma, Salah played with a brilliant play to help the team achieve a 5-2 victory, one foot into the Champions League final. Salah’s outstanding performance is also reflected in the bookmaker’s winning Golden Globe winners’ odds. After the early morning Champions League game, Salah’s Golden Globes odds have surpassed Messi and come to Ronaldo. Then came second, and there was not a big gap between him and Ronaldo.

Before the Champions League match in the early morning of this morning, Salah’s Golden Globes odds were 12. After the game, his odds dropped sharply to 2.75, and Ronaldo ranked first in the 2.63. Messi’s odds dropped to 5, followed by Neymar and De Brounet, both with odds of 15.

George Spencer, the spokesperson of Oddschecker, a subsidiary of Sky Gaming, explained the change in odds to the “Aspen” newspaper. He said: “Salah played very well this season and his match against Roma was his signature campaign. The selection of the ball award depends on the performance of the entire season, so Messi must play in the World Cup in order to reverse the current situation.” If Salah can continue his magic to the possible Champions League final or even the World Cup, He is not likely to be the second African player to win the Golden Globe after George Vieira.