The Premier League’s famous places are ridiculing Manchester United: Liverpool is the rival of Manchester City! Mourinho is not worthy of a giant

The Premier League is not over this season. Manchester United is only 4 minutes away from the Premier League runner-up. However, in many people’s opinion, Mourinho’s team has not been convincing this season. Bellamy, who played for Manchester City and Liverpool, insisted that Manchester City’s biggest opponent next season is not Manchester United but Liverpool.
However, in the eyes of some places, Mourinho’s tactics are backward, not worthy of the title. After Manchester United beat Arsenal 2-1, former Chelsea player Tony Cascarino remarked that if Manchester United always use a long pass to win, then it is not a European giant.

“I think Manchester United may be the only European elite club to use a player like Fellaini.” He said, “Yesterday this move has worked for them and has tried in the past, but I think it’s time for Manchester United to ignore That kind of tactics.”
“The best clubs have a lot of ways to win, through the whole game, but with a fulcrum like Fellaini, a team is very unified. There are technical talents like Martial or Sanchez. The player is restricted to only one ball and passes the ball to the penalty area.Luckacu can also serve as a fulcrum, but he also has speed and technology that can be compatible with different styles, including header and ball control. Flexibility is something Fellaini lacks.”